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Sometimes we have periods in our lives where we face situations that overwhelm us, or that we feel we cannot cope with on our own.

You may be confused about your feelings, and you don’t understand what they mean or understand why you feel this way.

You may be struggling with the pressures of your work or relationships and are worried about the affect this is having on you or those close to you.

You may feel that some of those relationships in your life; with your partner, your friends, your work colleagues, or your family, are not healthy but you do not know how to change them.  Or, you feel that you can’t form the relationships that you want in your life, and want to change this.

Things that have happened in your past may be affecting how you are now, but you don’t know how to get past these feelings.

You may feel that you cannot talk to your friends or family about how you feel, or the issues you have in your life, and this makes you feel lonely.

Counselling is not the same as talking to a friend or family member.  In our sessions I will always endeavour to provide you with a safe place for you to explore your thoughts and feelings.  I will not judge you for the way you think or feel, and I will not be upset by what you want to say.  You can feel safe that what you tell me will not be shared with others.

The aim of counselling is to give you the chance to find a way of understanding yourself better; understanding what you want and need in your life; understanding how to cope with the pressures of life; and, ultimately, finding a new way of thinking and feeling about the situations in your life.

If you think counselling can help you, use the contact details on this page to arrange an initial session.

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